Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Urban biking pics.

The photographer in me has to bring along a camera when I ride my bicycle around town.  I live in a small town and we only have one round-about, but I think it is cool.  I try to take the time to photograph the things I see while biking and try to include my bike or me or both when I can.  Some days I ride one of my 4 single speed bikes, and other days I will choose the xtracycle.  I like riding town on a single speed!


Bern G2 Helmet

I have always worn a helmet when biking, but I have not always liked the way they feel.  A few weeks ago I found these helments by Bern that are used by bike messengers, skateborders, and BMX riders.  The fit and feel great!  They have removeable liners and visor that can be traded out for winter liners if you like.  The helmet fits and is just a pleasure to wear.  Here is there link http://www.bernunlimited.com/


time to start posting again!

It's strange to have such a warm day today to ride in December!  Duane and I took advantage of the weather and rode to Atkins and back to Russellville today for a 37 mile ride.  Yesterday it was very cold, but we rode anyway.  It's good to get out on the Xtracycle today. Here is the Xtracycle with the Razorback sign in the background near I-40 in Atkins, Arkansas.  Shot was taken from Hwy 64.