Friday, January 28, 2011

Had to ride on this warm Arkansas day in Jan!

Today was one of those unusually warm days in Jan here in Arkansas and I had to take advantage of it and ride the motorcycle.  We had a great ride out through the country side and ended up on Mt. Magazine.  There was a little bit of sand on the road from the ice and snow, so we had to be carefull in the mountains.  Here is a link to the GPS route today. I love using GPS for my travels and have wanted to get one of the Garmin motorcycle GPS's but they are around $500 - $800.  So I opted to get a Garmin Nuvi 255W, which is around $100 or less and use it on my motorcycle.  I know you are saying it's not waterproof, but I can place a zip lock bag over it and continue to use it or just put it away.  The way I look at it I could buy several of these and still not spend a lot of money on them compared to just one of the motorcycle GPS'rs.  It was easy to read and was not in my way at al. I bought a RAM mount for it and it is very secure while on the motorcycle.  I already had the GPS for use in my car, so I just bought the mount and it works great.  I would buy one of the motorcycle GPS units if they were not so exspensive.  Also attached you can see my Garmin Forerunner 301 which I use to upload my tracks to "Bike my GPS" website.  It is very easy and I really like the easy to use inerface.

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